THOR Marvel Booth SDCC 2010

how do you make a SUCCESSFUL trade show booth?

Trade show exhibitions are a great way to engage in customer interaction and receive real time feedback. Trade show events allow exhibitors to have face-to-face interaction, with attendees, while scoping out the new services and products that are being offered.

Having a booth with a couple of pictures or signs hanging behind or below it may not be the most EXCITING booth in the world; don’t let that stress you out! There are plenty of ways to make your booth the most appealing. Sure, overall aesthetic as well as the merchandise or services you’re exhibiting will play a big part in whether or not your booth is a success. However, there are many other ways to get attendees to come to you.

In order to turn your trade show booth into a successful booth, many different factors and components need to be put into play here. Incorporating an INCREDIBLY eye-catching design, some AMAZING lighting, a little DRAMATIC audio and even some FREE giveaways, will help capture the attention of the attendees. Not only is the design of the booth everything, but so is the energy, knowledge, and the interaction of your staff! This will create curiosity and will help make the attendee feel a little more relaxed.

Giveaway items or S.W.A.G. (Souvenirs. Wearables. And Gifts.) draw the focus of attendees. Even more so when the perceived value of those items are high. Having your staff interact with the guests and handing out free giveaways is a fun and great way to market and advertise your own products all at the same time! Giveaways are a also great tools to effectively re-market that same audience, but we’ll cover that another time!


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