Moviegoers Get a Taste of Reality

Want to get your marketing message across? What better way than have your target audience physically experience it. Based out of Germany, Fiftyfifty is a publication company that aims to raise homeless awareness. During their documentary, which was shown in movie theaters, the air condition was “cranked down to freezing levels” essentially giving the moviegoers a true experience inside the life of the homeless while they watched their story on the big screen. A short clip featured on Mashable.com shows the Fiftyfifty production crew explaining to some of the homeless they interviewed what exactly they will be doing in the movie theater. The man responds saying that the 46 degree temperature inside the theater is “…cozy.” Meanwhile, each member of the audience is bundled up with jackets, hats, blankets, etc. The blankets, provided to the audience, were branded with a QR code which enabled them to make donations from the theater. According to the clip, the documentary “brought lots of media coverage and raised a good amount of money.” Fiftyfifty is no stranger to guerilla advertising. “Last year, they launched a street campaign titled Invisible Man which played on how homeless people often feel that people see right through them.” I’m not sure if the theater temperature at a comfortable degree would have had the same effect or received such positive feedback. Hearing about the homeless is always a sensitive subject, but experience just for a brief time what they go through daily has you sympathize even more and gives you the extra push you need to step up and donate. Great marketing technique.

Movie Theater Simulates What It’s Like to Be Homeless in Winter


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