Cliff Bleszinski returns for “Storytime”

Earlier this month an announcement was made that Cliff Bleszinski will be making the keynote speech at this years PAX East in Boston, MA. Cliff had spent the past 20 years with Epic games before announcing he was stepping away from the company last October. Some of Cliffs most notable work was his involvement in the games Unreal and the Gears of War franchise. Having been involved in the gaming industry since the age of seventeen, Cliffs time away from designing and developing comes without question. However, I, like many others, am hoping Cliff announces his next move at PAX East in March. reported, “Bleszinski has visited the offices of Activision, Zynga, Double Fine, and Electronic Arts,” so he could quite possibly be looking for a change.  That said, I’m hoping Cliff does make a return. Gears of War was always a favorite of mine and whether or not he sticks with a similar style genre or tries something different I’ll be eager to play. Check out the link below for the complete article at

Bleszinski giving PAX East keynote

CliffyB Talks With G4 on Why He Left Epic and What’s Next


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