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PAX East Event Marketing

2K Games Bioshock Experiential Marketing

PAX East Event Marketing Early spring each year in Boston, MA, the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) rolls into town. For a lot of companies, and fans, this is the official start of the convention season for gaming of all kinds. Whether it’s tabletop, cards, console, or PC, PAX East is really your first chance to… Read More


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how do you make a SUCCESSFUL trade show booth? Trade show exhibitions are a great way to engage in customer interaction and receive real time feedback. Trade show events allow exhibitors to have face-to-face interaction, with attendees, while scoping out the new services and products that are being offered. Having a booth with a couple… Read More

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Why Choose Event Marketing?

Citizen Skywatch 2K Experiential

Event Marketing Creates Experiences It is absolutely the best way to create memorable experiences for your brand. Event marketing allows brands to have direct contact with their target audience. Rather than marketing on a billboard or printing an advertisement in a magazine, we are face-to-face with customers, engaging in real time talk and able to… Read More

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Advertising with Social Media

Social Media Collage

Over the years, social media has grown to become one of the biggest platforms for marketing and advertising. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, social media has brought marketing to a whole new level. How many people do you know that has at least one platform of social media? Almost anyone you know… Read More

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PAX East 2014 – Trade Show Booths & Exhibits

Marvel trade show booth at San Diego Comic Con. Video wall, turntable, hanging sign, etc.

  Don’t know what PAX is? Penny Arcade Expo, run by ReedPop, is a gaming convention that began back in 2004. They also have shows out in Seattle (PAX Prime) and Australia. PAX is a celebration of gaming culture with independant and major game developers and publishers, panels, keynote speeches, parties, concerts, and more! PAX… Read More

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A Wienermobile Road Rally, Mapped out by Fans on Social Media


The Remaking of Event Marketing Under the Influence of Social Media For years the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has been catching eyes, creating memories as you see it venturing across the country.The Wienermobile developed strong brand recognition placing Oscar Mayer’s hot dogs above the competition. Oscar Mayer has launched a revamped tour, called the Wienermobile… Read More

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The Power of Color


Is Your Ad Causing Mixed Emotions? Have you ever thought about the message you’re sending because of a particular color scheme? Think back when you may have taken a few lucky ladies out on dates. If you’re a true gentleman, you gave her flowers, but what colors were they? Red is symbolic for love, so… Read More

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San Diego Comic Con 2013 If you’re one of the 130,000 plus that had the privelage to attend Comic Con 2013, consider yourself lucky. This years show was quite memorable, and by show I mean Marvel’s Booth. You’re probably wondering, “what made this year so special?” I’ll tell you. How about a video wall comprised… Read More

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San Diego Comic Con


July 18th – 21st Originally known as the “Golden State Comic Book Convention,” San Diego Comic-Con International has become one of the largest and most popular conventions in the world. This four day event can see upwards of 125,000 plus attendees which is quite an increase from 300 in 1970. Once held inside the U.S…. Read More

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Retweets, Likes, and Shares


The Effects of Social Media Feedback Whether or not you acknowledge it, a great Facebook or Twitter post going unnoticed can be demoralizing. It’s kind of like asking someone a question and not receiving a response. We all want feedback and approval, and lots of it! People are “virtual enablers.” Think about it. Some people… Read More

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