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I recently came across a short, but rather interesting article on Mashable. The article was about the affect social media has on ones mood, more specifically, Facebook. Think about the amount of time each day you spend on Facebook and how each aspect of the site affects your mood. For example, when you update your status with anticipation that it will draw the attention of numerous friends resulting in “likes” and comments but it goes unnoticed, you become upset. Their is no denying that some people may not care as much, but overall it affects your mood. I can recall a Facebook friend of mine who recently posted a status, “If you update your Facebook 3 times a day or more you have no life.” Why would one care so much as to address his rather distasteful opinion on what others do with their free time? Mashable reported that roughly 20% of social media users claim Facebook has the most negative affect on their mood when compared to other social media sites.

However, the social media revolutionary site can also have a positive affect on your mood. Seeing pictures of family and friends from reunions or vacations are always gratifying. Keeping in touch with those who you do not regularly see is the most rewarding feature of Facebook.

One emotion I must highlight because I have seen it all too much is jealousy. Facebook and jealousy go hand in hand, especially when you are in a relationship. One might become insecure or fearful of their relationship because of a picture that was posted or a friend request that was accepted. Use Facebook to keep in touch, promote your business, network, etc. Don’t let it ruin your day because you saw Mary Smith didn’t invite you to the have lunch at Applebees.

Facebook Influences Your Mood More Than Any Social Network


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