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Ever stumble upon a web page and within a few seconds you’ve decided to leave because of an unimpressive layout and structure? What was the main decision maker which lead you to back out? On the contrary, what makes a web page intriguing, captivating, and attractive? I recently read an article on about the “immersive experience.” I have heard of the term before, but needed to do some research myself and let me tell you, their are some crestive web pages out there such as the Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill. If you stopped reading to click on the link or do some of your own research I bet you’ve discovered what the “immersive experience” is. It’s an interactive webpage that does a great job captivating the users attention. These sites “usually have an image or video as the entire background, completely absorbing your attention.”

That said, think about your personal web page or your companies web page. Does it give you the “wow factor” or are you bored with it? According to the, “50 percent of potential sales are lost because users can’t find information and that 40 percent of users do not return to a site when their first visit is a negative experience.” Don’t let this be you! Using the markup language HTML5, you can turn your dull web page into a fascinating experience, or better yet, give PMG a call and we’ll help you out. Web design is one of our many specialties. Check out the link below for the complete article on Mashable.

Immersing Consumers in ‘Immersive Experiences’


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