Marvel Universe LIVE Event in NY and NJ


Marvel Universe Live (MUL), is a new family show produced by FELD Entertainment. In an effort to promote MUL, the teams at FELD and Promoguys Marketing Group have created a super fun way to allow fans to learn about the show while training to be a Super Hero. The “Are You Super Hero Enough” challenge gives you a glimpse into the Marvel Universe training facility where you will begin your assessment. You will be presented with 5 unique challenges that measure a variety of skills that include speed, intelligence, accuracy, etc.  This is a great event for the whole family and includes photo-ops with character props, cosplayers, custom ID badges, and more!

Our first event was at Supercross LIVE! which took place at Met Life stadium on April 26, 2014. The fans went absolutely nuts, and the kids had a blast channeling their inner Hulk Smash! Stay tuned for more updates as we will be taking these experiential events to the tri-state area over the next few months.


About MUL

“Marvel Universe LIVE! will captivate audiences with an authentic and original story that brings more than 25 Marvel characters together on one epic quest.  The story is framed around the battle over the Cosmic Cube, the source of ultimate power and one of the most feared and coveted treasures in the Marvel Universe, that has been shattered into pieces by the Mighty Thor in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. With the pieces scattered across the globe, Thor’s villainous brother Loki devises a scheme to clone its powers, inciting a threat that could not only decimate Earth but also obliterate the Universe.

To defeat Loki, Marvel’s biggest Super Heroes must band together, including The Avengers – Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor along with Spider-Man and Wolverine, must trek across the globe to retrieve the Cosmic Cube fragments and unite them. As the Super Heroes track the Cube, they will encounter some of their biggest adversaries including Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Red Skull, Madame Hydra, Aldrich Killian, Electro and more, in the quest for the very same fragments. These foes have no problem teaming up if it gets them closer to their ultimate goal of world domination.”


For more information, tickets, and tour schedule please visit Marvel Universe LIVE!

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