Why Choose Event Marketing?

Citizen Skywatch 2K Experiential

Event Marketing Creates Experiences It is absolutely the best way to create memorable experiences for your brand. Event marketing allows brands to have direct contact with their target audience. Rather than marketing on a billboard or printing an advertisement in a magazine, we are face-to-face with customers, engaging in real time talk and able to… Read More


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Advertising with Social Media

Social Media Collage

Over the years, social media has grown to become one of the biggest platforms for marketing and advertising. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, social media has brought marketing to a whole new level. How many people do you know that has at least one platform of social media? Almost anyone you know… Read More

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Marvel Universe Live – NJ Event Planning, Strategy and Execution

Marvel Universe Live

(East Rutherford, NJ) On April 26th , 2014, outside of a Supercross LIVE! event at MetLife Stadium, the “Are You Super hero Enough” challenge came to test the strength, agility, speed, and accuracy of fans and wannabe heroes alike. These Super heroes in training were subjected to five tests, all in the theme of major… Read More

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