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It isn’t often you see an advertisement asking their audience to follow them on Instagram. However, during last nights Super Bowl, Oreo did just that. A hilarious debate occurring in a library over which part of the Oreo was better, the cream or the cookie, quickly erupted into a whispering WWE event. The very end of the commercial asked viewers to “choose your side on Instagram @Oreo.” A very clever approach to gain followers and start a trending topic. Before the debut of their commercial, “Oreo had around 2,200 followers” on Instagram.  Less then a day later that number has skyrocketed to over 36,000. Oreo’s 30 second commercial cost around $4 million, roughly half a million more than previous years. Do you think they expected a larger Instagram fan base by now? Mashable breaks it down to roughly $200 per follower. Seems like a lot, but I believe it’s the lasting impression that counts. I was asked at the end of the Super Bowl which commercial I enjoyed the most and without hesitation I answered with “the Oreo commercial.” What made Oreo’s marketing message so memorable? Was it the humor and effects or the surprising twist of unfolding events? Think about your marketing message next time you reach out to consumers and if it will have a lasting impression. In the mean time check out Mashables take on the Oreo commercial as well as a recap of all the Super Bowl ads from last night below.

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