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Early spring each year in Boston, MA, the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) rolls into town. For a lot of companies, and fans, this is the official start of the convention season for gaming of all kinds. Whether it’s tabletop, cards, console, or PC, PAX East is really your first chance to get your product out in front of the fans.

While most companies will try to do this within their booth space, some of the best opportunities can be found outside the show floor and sometimes after show hours. At PMG, some of our favorite experiences have been the one’s we’ve put on off the show floor. You get the chance to do something very unique, and something that will be the talk of the show the next day. Below you will find a list of options for off site ideas that are sure to make your brand and product stand out even more in Boston.

Flash Mob

Tried and true method of creating a splash at any event. Having a large crowd unexpectedly promote your product can certainly make people check out what all the commotion is about. View some of our work here

Release Party

It doesn’t always have to be a release party necessarily; it could just be an after party, but this is one of our favorite events to put on. Let us take your game or your world and bring it to life. We can take the world you’ve digitally created and bring it to life for all the fans to enjoy. We’ve gotten the chance to do this with Bioshock Infinite and a Star Wars Hoth Ice Bar in the past, and is definitely something people will be talking about at the show the next day.

Street Team

Simple and effective, a street team is the way to go to tell people about your product before they can even get in the door. We all know there are lines upon lines sometimes getting into a show, so why not have a crew of people handing out swag, spreading the word on your game, and letting people know exactly where to find you on the show floor to increase your booth traffic easily.

Viral Campaign

Fans are always looking for additional things to do at a show in between panels or demos, and sometimes just while standing in line to use the bathroom. A viral ARG campaign can jumpstart your brand that can also extend across the country if you’d like. Start in Boston and take the game across the country before PAX Prime heats up Seattle in September. Create a scavenger hunt that spans the country to promote your brand and let us execute it to its fullest extent.

These are just a few of the options PMG can help you utilize to expand your brand beyond the show floor and can help start the convention year off with something everyone will be talking about. From Cement to Ceiling, PMG has you covered.

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