The Effects of Social Media Feedback

Whether or not you acknowledge it, a great Facebook or Twitter post going unnoticed can be demoralizing. It’s kind of like asking someone a question and not receiving a response. We all want feedback and approval, and lots of it! People are “virtual enablers.” Think about it. Some people crave attention and they use social media to fill that void. They may post an awesome meal they cooked for dinner or their gym body transformation pictures. The more approval received by liking, commenting, sharing etc. the more often they’ll continue with these topics.

However, not receiving approval or positive feedback can still result in more posts. One study by a University of California, Berkeley professor showed that “when they were told that people in their network did not like their shared content, they actually shared even more to figure out what their network might like.” Makes sense doesn’t it? Keep trying until you see results; what people are responsive to.

When it comes down to your business, knowing what people are receptive to is crucial before you post. Know your customers and know them well. Why do they follow you? What is it about your business that drives traffic to your web site or store? Remove yourself as an employee of a brand or business and put yourself in the shoes of a potential or recurring costumer. What would you want to see posted? This is a solid first step to generating a valued post. Another helpful tool on Facebook is to learn about promoting posts. Expand your reach by hundreds or even thousands of people! A lot of this can take time, but don’t let your unnoticed posts discourage you. It happens on occasion, but with research and practice your social media presence will start to shine!

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