July 18th – 21st

Originally known as the “Golden State Comic Book Convention,” San Diego Comic-Con International has become one of the largest and most popular conventions in the world. This four day event can see upwards of 125,000 plus attendees which is quite an increase from 300 in 1970. Once held inside the U.S. Grant Hotel, San Diego Comic-Con has been staged at the 1.7 million square foot San Diego Convention Center for the past 20 years. Fans come from all over the world to attend this 4 day event, if their lucky that is. According to The Mary Sue tickets for this years convention sold out “in 96 minutes.”

One of the most interesting sights of SDCC has always been the cosplay. The term cosplay (costume + play) dates back to the mid 1980’s referring to people dressed up and role playing as their favorite fictional characters. From famous quotes to their exact mannerisms, cosplayers become their character. The more time and detail put into a particular costume the more of a fan favorite they become with attendees. San Diego becomes Halloween in July during Comic Con!

With 100’s of exhibitors, many celebrity appearances, tons of free SWAG, and great weather, SDCC has become one of my favorite shows. It also helps that we work with some pretty cool clients! Be sure to keep following us on Twitter and Facebook all need week. We plan on updating you every step of the way with pictures from one of our most exciting booths yet!


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