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Bioshock Splicer's Unite

Social and viral marketing is here to stay. This “not-so-new” form of marketing really provided a reliable solution to what the advertising industry has always adhered to: the best form of advertising is word of mouth. Now… the best form is word of fingers! Texting, tweeting, pinning, FB-ing… if it happens in their world, they’re putting it online. No, we’re not just talking about tweens and teens. Social media runs across all age brackets, demographics, psychographics and lifestyles.

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There’s no truly complete marketing campaign without some form of social or viral marketing component included within. Fortunately, we know a lot about this field. Cutting edge from the very beginning (our founder launched the first ever camera cell phone campaign!), we’ve literally been generating buzz and leading the way with cutting edge campaigns like our Silver Reggie Award “Best Experiential Marketing Program” Bioshock’s SOMETHING IN THE SEA.

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