A Special Message for Bowe Cleveland

It didn’t take long until Stan Lee found out that the victim of yet another unfortunate school shooting happened to be a huge Marvel fan. Bowe Cleveland, a 16 year old from Southern California, was shot in the chest and abdomen on January 10th. As news spread about the situation it eventually reached Stan Lee who took it upon himself to send Bowe a special message. Stan created his very own YouTube account and recorded a short video of himself wishing Bowe a speedy recovery. Posted almost a week ago, the video has already been viewed more than 62,000 times. Stan may be 90, but has the energy of a kid and a heart the size of Marvel Worldwide. Stan also sent Bowe signed comics and posters; the ultimate collectors package for any Marvel fan. On behalf of PMG, we wish Bowe a speedy recovery! Check out the link below to watch Stan’s message.

Special Message for Bowe Cleveland


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