Facebook to Charge for Private Messaging

Ask yourself this question, “Who do I know that does not have a Facebook account?” Now let me answer it for you, “No one!” I’d bet that Santa Clause has an account. The Facebook logo has become so recognizable it can be put into the same class as Nike and Apple. It’s no longer the “norm” to not have a Facebook and the beauty behind it all is simply that it is FREE! What I once used primarily for staying connected to friends and family is now used as a crucial tool for every day business. However, yesterday I kept hearing about a fee Facebook would charge for messaging others. I was not at all okay with this until I investigated the matter. The idea behind this “experimental” charge is to direct private messages from a users “other” box to their “inbox.” Unless you’re oblivious like myself I had no idea an “other” box existed because I was never alerted when I had new messages there. I found messages from old friends I haven’t talked to in years, urgent work issues that I never addressed, and a lot of spam. Sign me up! It’s a great was to promote business, receive job inquiries from serious applicants, and most importantly make sure that message arrives to the correct place. Check out the article below for more information on the Facebook fee!

Facebook tests $1 fee for messages to non-friends


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