Is Your Ad Causing Mixed Emotions?

Have you ever thought about the message you’re sending because of a particular color scheme? Think back when you may have taken a few lucky ladies out on dates. If you’re a true gentleman, you gave her flowers, but what colors were they? Red is symbolic for love, so lets not rush into things and pink is considered sensitive or playful, maybe a bit more appropriate if you just met the girl.

Colors can also be very meaningful and persuasive when advertising. Close your eyes and try to picture McDonald’s Golden Arches or the Macy’s logo. I’m willing to bet you didn’t have trouble imagining them with intricate details. When starting a brand or revamping your own, think about the audience you are targeting and the message you want to get across. Below is a brief description of colors and their meanings from and article titled “Color Me Profitable” by Elisabeth A. Sullivan.

Red – Speed and Power. Also considered an appetite stimulant.
Orange – Adventure and Fun. Similar to red, but not as aggressive.
Yellow – Warmth and Cheeriness. Stimulates mental activity.
Green – Cleanliness, Freshness and Renewal. Associated with wholesome attributes.
Blue – Security, Efficiency, Productivity and a clearness of mind.
Purple – Nobility and Wealth.
Pink – Soft, Peaceful, Comforting qualities. Works well with personal care.
Brown – Honesty and Dependability. Works best with other colors.
Black – Classic and Strong. Can convey power, luxury, sophistication and authority.
White – Purity and cleanliness.

Before you eenie meenie miney mo your brands colors, do some research and learn about the psychological effects of those colors. You want to leave that lasting impression so create a logo that consumers will remember. See below for an interesting infograph titled, “How Do Colors Affect Purchases?” and for the complete article by Elisabeth A. Sullivan.

Kissmetrics: “How do colors affect purchases?”

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