Video uploading made easy.

Ever find yourself out in public witnessing something so bizarre you absolutely need to discretely (or openly) record it on your iPhone? Lets face it, we all have and immediately following your paparazzi experience you feel the need to share it with your friends. But then you remember that selfish ego you possess wanting to take credit for your unique capture. What better way to do so than uploading your video to Youtube using the new “Youtube Capture” app. Youtube Capture allows uploading videos as easy as one click on your iPhone. If you have ever tried uploading to Youtube in the past you know how difficult and frustrating it may be. Youtube Capture has some cool features such as selecting from Google+, Facebook, and Twitter to also upload to and a landscape view instant recording option. It is believed Youtube Capture “will likely overtake the device’s default video camera.” Sorry Andriod users, Youtube Capture is not available on your mobile device, yet. Check out the link below to learn more about Youtube Capture.

YouTube: Here’s How We Just Became Your iPhone’s Video Camera


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